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Short Answer: Absolutely not

We of course sign a contract to outline our responsibilities and what services we're going to perform, but you are free to cancel at any time for any reason. We would appreciate a 30 day notice, if you do decide to cancel at any point.

Short Answer: It's Easier For Us And Cheaper For You

It's easier to start over and build the website the right way then it is for us to fix a site that is completely built the wrong way.

Also, it's cheaper for you. If we were to charge to fix a badly built site it would COST MORE in most cases, than just building a brand new one.

Short Answer: DON'T DO IT!

We can't tell you how many times we've seen website designs just go absolutely wrong. It looks simple from the outside, but there is a lot to developing a successful, professional website.

In the same way you probably would not advise patients to give others or themselves a Chiropractic Adjustment, we would say the same thing about developing your own website or hiring someone for cheap.

Most importantly, if you do everything right you will make your money back off your website 10000x over! Think about it, you pay ONE TIME to design a website that can potentially go on to make you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year as time goes on. It's 100% worth it to have a professional do your website!

Short Answer: No, We Use Webflow!

In 99% of cases, we use a CMS called Webflow because we believe it is the best way to build Chiropractic websites. We can custom build websites completely from scratch as well though! Case in point our website was designed COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH!

Short Answer: YES, but please read the paragraph below!

Of course we want you to be happy with your design. However, we STRONGLY URGE clients to pick the colors, supply the logo, and trust the rest of the design to US!

We design websites a CERTAIN WAY because that is what has been shown to get the most conversions AKA MORE PATIENTS FOR YOU!

Short Answer: No, we do not do mockups.

The reason we don't do mockups is because:

  1. We know what we are doing
  2. We seen data on hundreds of websites it different niches about what works and what doesn't
  3. Beyond looking professional, the Website's 'look' doesn't matter as much as you might believe
  4. We design websites that PATIENTS will understand and that answer PATIENTS questions
  5. We've seen great results
  6. Trust us, we've got this!

Short Answer: YES! We Do Monthly Follow Up Calls With You.

We believe it is super important to stay in touch with you. We want to know how things are going for you so we schedule monthly follow up calls so you can hear from us and we can hear from you.

Schedule Your Follow Up Here

Short Answer: Absolutely Not!

We can help you if you're located anywhere within the United States!

Short Answer: YES! 100%

There is no excuse for not having a mobile responsive, fast website nowadays. Your website will look awesome and load fast on EVERY device.

Short Answer: Yes!

Any website we design, we handle the website updating for you! It's as simple as reaching out to us via email at or calling / texting us at (815) 278-3644.

Short Answer: There Is None ?

There are two steps to our billing process:

1) One Time Down Payment (Due Before Website Development and/or Setup For Any Other Services Start)

These Services require either a Down Payment or a Setup Fee:

  • New Website Design And Development
  • All Facebook Ads Packages Have A Setup Fee
  • Review Generation Is Billed As Soon As We Start Setup

2) Monthly Recurring Invoice (Started The Day Your Website Is Launched)

The following services are billed in One Monthly Invoice:

  • SEO
  • Website Management
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Review Generation
  • Website Chat
  • Link Building

Short Answer: Anywhere from 2 - 6 Weeks

We strive to make the process as easy and hands off as possible for you. Ideally, we collect all the information we'll need from you including Logos, Color Schemes, and any Images before development begins.