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Why We Got Started

About Frank Jones and Blue Up Digital

I'd like to tell you a funny story...

Blue Up Digital was actually started out of necessity...

Because I've spent years analyzing Websites in different niches, looking at the job other online marketing companies are doing, I've seen the worst of the worst.

I've seen companies charging THOUSANDS of dollars for Websites that look like they were designed in 1990!

It got to a point where I saw enough bad Websites and SEO strategies, that I HAD to start offering these services...

Now, I'm definitely far from perfect! However, based on the results I've achieved for my clients, it's safe to say we stand way above your average digital marketing agency.

What's Different About Blue Up?

  • Years of Experience Analyzing Websites And Creating Strategies
  • I've Built Numerous Premium Chiropractic Websites!
  • Combine SEO with Facebook Cold & Retargeting Ads For Maximum Patient Inquiries
  • Create Websites That Are Easy For Search Engines & Patients To Understand
  • Create A Plan To Help You Accomplish Your Goals
  • I Can Give An Approximate Timeline of Results
  • I Make The Process As Hands Off For You As Possible
  • Help You Get More Reviews From Clients
  • Use Phone Call Tracking Software To Show Exact ROI For Our Services
  • Text Or Call My Personal Cell Phone (815) 278-3644 At Any Time

Let's get your digital marketing done the right way, the first time!

Frank Jones Blue Up Digital Owner Profile Picture

Frank Jones, Owner

I'm 27 years old and I've been in Digital Marketing for 3 years at this point.

While online marketing may seem simple, the amount of information I've had to learn to do Digital Marketing successfully has been crazy!

Because of the low barrier to entry, nowadays anyone can start a 'Digital Marketing Agency'.

However, not everyone can produce results.

I've seen NUMEROUS examples of people show me their current website and tell me how much they paid and I want to keel over in pain!

Follow my blog for unique and unheard of Chiropractic Digital Marketing Secrets!

In my daily life, my only big hobbies are building websites, expanding my Digital Marketing knowledge, and growing Blue Up Digital.